The Team

Ayael – Director, in charge of the scenario, the writing, the coding, the staging and the communication of the game

Yes, I love sharing my endless list of titles, it makes me feel like Daenerys Targaryen. But more seriously, I’m the project’s creator, and I’m mostly self-taught. Writing the story and the scenario are my strongest points, but if I’m in charge of so many things, it’s because I do my best to learn what I don’t know, and so that this project finally sees the light of day, to give life to a dream that powers mes for now more than five years. Otherwise, I’m a hardcore fan of Dragon Age.

Léa – Character and CG artist

Freelance artist, I’m a huge fan of video games, no matter the genre! Besides that, I eat way too much chocolate, spaceships are really cool, and bun-buns are super duper cute.

Julia – Dessinatrice des décors 

Animator at studio Colorido. I live in Japan and draw manga all day. For reasons that I don’t know myself, I found myself drawing backgrounds for a French otome game. (Find her on instagram)

Jiro – English translation 

Hello my dudes, it’s Jiro, your friendly neighbourhood French-English translator! I’ve been fluent in both languages since I could talk, and once I got a computer, a pencil and some paper in my hands, I never stopped writing and drawing. When I heard about Anoldor, I immediately loved the concept, and when I learnt that they were searching for a translator, I quickly jumped on the occasion. (Find her on her tumblr)

FairfaxLeasee – English Proofreader

I’m the English proofreader/editor for Anoldor and super excited to be part of the team!  I got into editing VNs a few years ago as a way to channel my tendency to nit-pick in a constructive direction (or one that I at least I hope is constructive!).  I also do editing/proofing work YPress games and Blackcross & Taylor.  When I’m not editing VNs or working at my very annoying day job, I’m usually checking out a good RPG, streaming bad B-grade horror movies, or making sure my stupid dog and evil cat don’t destroy anything important.

Meiyre’ – Social media graphist

I’m a self-taught graphist with a fresh baccalaureate in Literature! After spending many long years trying to force an alliance between my studies and my passions, I finally realised “hey, maybe I’m not cut out for studying!”. Determined to do anything to advance in my career, I then decided, after graduating from high school, to devote myself entirely to it. My adventure starts with my first steps into this wonderful little team, and then continues with the creation of my own website to launch my freelance career as an illustrator! Unfortunately, the times are a-changing for us poor freelancers… Which means it is time for me to start college (bachelor’s in 3d animation for video games). But all that while contributing to Anoldor, of course!

Hiryu – French proofreader

Addicted to reading and being (somewhat of) a perfectionist, I am my friends’ and family’s official corrector. I have a big imagination, a small weakness for fantasy, and a tendency to be sarcastic. Rather curious and impatient, I immediately jumped on the occasion to read Anoldor’s story before everyone else…

Hishaton – English translator

Call me Hisha! I love languages, drawing, music, reading… in summary : I’m a VN (visual novel) lover. I jumped on the occasion to be a translator on the game when I saw they were searching for one. Working on Anoldor, allowing for such a concept, a gem like this one, to be shared to as many people as possible, is a great joy and true honor! By the way, I’m a great fan of Mass Effect…. just saying!

Ray – Composeur and sound designer

Hello! My name is Ray and I am a film and video game composer currently residing in LA, finishing up a Masters Degree in film scoring and production. While a complete accident, I’m ecstatic that I found my passion in writing music to picture and games and am really glad all my hours of playing video games during middle and high school paid off. Currently, my favorite game that I’ve recently played is the Witcher 3, specifically Blood and Wine, and perhaps Nier Automata, regarding its depth and philosophical output. I am quite excited to continue my journey as an artist and I hope that you as the audience enjoys my music as well! You can find me on my website.

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