The Eminence, the Revolutionary

« I want to live free, and for that, equality isn’t an ideal, but a necessity. »

Age : Unknown
Origin : Unknown
Function : Revolutionary leader
Trivia : The Eminence doesn’t wear a mask to protect their identity, but rather for people to identify themselves with them.

The Eminence is quite secretive of their past, all that is known is that their family was a victim of a nobleman’s incompetence, and now holds all of high society accountable. For them, birth doesn’t mean quality, not every one has what it takes to lead, to be in charge of things, and that power shouldn’t be hereditary. That is why they are strongly opposed to the role of the Chosen One, since time has proved over and over again that the Chosen Ones aren’t all able to correctly rule a country. To them, they should only be a religious figure, and the country should be ruled by an elected leader.

If their movement and their claims went under the radar for a long time, the Eminence managed to make a name for themselves, as they are ready to give it their all to discredit and annoy the nobility. For about a year, their followers are growing in number- especially in the capital- so much that people spend their days preaching their message in public places and that royal counsellors are starting to consider them a bothersome issue.

« Passionate charisma, unwavering conviction with a serpent’s tongue.»