Side characters

Adrala – 22 years old (dead) – Anoldor’s 30th Chosen One.

Adrala is your previous incarnation, and the one that is the easiest to connect to; she guides you through the hardships of being a leader. Adrala was assassinated by an Enchantress who took on her husband’s appearance when she was only 22. She couldn’t see Lycia, her daughter, grow up.

Myrianne Verbois- 25 years old- Guardian of Knowledge.

Myrianne is responsible for Knowledge past and present. An honour of the utmost importance that she obtained by manipulating everyone at the Academy, which is something that she doesn’t hide, since she believes that it’s the ultimate proof of her talent. She’s a cultured woman, smiling and fond of gossip and sweets.

Lycia of Freefield- 20 years old- Ephemeral.

Lycia is the daughter of Freefield’s duke and Adrala the Smiling, the previous Chosen One. This doubly noble ancestry granted her to a bright future that she immediately rejected, unable to bear all the attention she was a victim of since she could remember. She blames the enchanters for her mother’s death, and tries to keep her distance from power to try and find inner peace. She became an ‘Ephemeral’, a healing priestess that praises Oriel by joining the religious faction.

Valerian Dupommier- 29 years old- Enchanter.

Valerian is Malicia’s son, the enchantress who was executed for Adrala’s murder. Constantly claiming his mother’s innocence, he strongly defends the enchanters and their practices, which attracted the attention of many nobles who appreciate his powers.

Astrid of Marchevent- 32 years old- Head general.

Born in Frostbank, Astrid has basked in the fervour of the battlefield since she was a child. She is determined to become the wildest of warriors and never let anyone tell her otherwise. Finally, she made a name for herself by winning the Great Tournament at the age of 28, defeating all her enemies with flair. Repeating this feat three times in a row, she finally obtained the position of head general when the former one quit. She is still winning the Great Tournament each year, awaiting the champion that will defeat her.

Lida Intessan- 1600 years old- Queen of the Elves.

Her name literally means “majestic queen”, and it perfectly suits her. Receiving the title after the previous queen’s passing during Evelyn’s revolution, Lida managed to unite her people and rebuild them. Nowadays, she’s bored of all the tensions between elves and humans, and to fight against the plague that is Lazuriosis that wreaks havoc on her country, she is ready to ally herself with the enemy.

Thalar Ebonsnow- 25 years old- Chancellor.

Cynical and sarcastic, Thalar isn’t a talkative man. His words are poured into the black ink that he uses to reply to the endless letters that the palace receives and that he has to sort and transfer.

Celise- Unknown- Unknown.

Celise is a young mysterious enchantress, both feared and praised as she could be the most powerful since the existence of this kind of magick.