Randomisation in Anoldor

For a long time, randomisation seemed contrary to our ambitions: we wanted players to be able to make clear choices, to hold all their cards to take the right decisions without needing guidance. And then, came along a rather particular choice in chapter 1.

The Chosen One has to choose between either letting the largest crowd possible assist to their speech, running the risk of an incident because of its size, or limit the size of people allowed, and offend some of them.

A dilemma came out of this… What to do, when a choice carries a risk? That’s how the idea to use randomisation for some choices as a tool sprouted -with chances that carry the same weight as the risks- in our heads. So that taking the risky path (that often has its own advantages), gives the same rush of adrenaline as the others. There’s no cheating involved -by looking up a guide, by remembering the consequences- there’s a real risk and just cross finger it will work…

Alea Jacta Est