Lioren, the Servant

« Every life is precious… So I won’t squish that spider, your Grace ! »

Age : 19 years old
Origin : Gildland
Function : Servant
Trivia : Lioren loves flora and fauna. He has a propensity to attract them, including insects.

Lioren doesn’t share much his past, simply declaring that he made the right encounters at the right time. Orphan from a very young age, Lioren managed to surround himself with kind adults who took care of him, and allowed him to become the clerk of Gildland’s ducal family when he was only nine. A position that traded his education for a roof and livelihood. It is during this time that he met the Chosen One and the two became inseparable friends.

Without any attachment to his mother land, Lioren chose to follow his friend during her awakening, leading him to becoming her personal servant at the royal palace.

« A smile of spring, the softness of a flower, paragon of kindness. »