« I have always known that I had a slim chance at being the Chosen One. But when I had “awoken”, when I found myself in front of Adrala, my previous incarnation, I finally understood what it all meant, to be "Chosen". To embody an ideal of divine will, a guide. To be the one that others turn to in difficult times, and in Anoldor, difficult times are a-plenty... Between the noblemen's succession wars, the turmoils caused by the eminence, the Enchanters' rising power, a troublesome unknown illness that is creeping upon us, and the endless clashes with the elves... Without my loyal counsellors, I do not know if I could have overcome all of this, but I know that I do not have much of a choice. The dawn of a new era is being foretold, and whether I want it or not, it will be drawn upon my decisions. »

- Anoldor's Thirty-First Chosen One, year 1540

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Customizable name for the main character

Three possible backgrounds

6 romances :
5 men, 1 woman

Mature content :
sex, feminism, violence

Numerous important choices

Countless possible epilogues

A Chosen One title related to her personality

Interactive library about the lore

« I’ll be the shadow that protects your spark... »

Edwyn, the Knight

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« Few people can see what makes them remarkable. I can. »

Elric, the Herald

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« Your smile is a weapon…. And your dagger as well, so use both. »

Alienor, the Duchess

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« Ignorance brings far more deaths than any illness... »

Fen, the Scholar

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« Every life is precious… So I won’t squish that spider, your Grace ! »

Lioren, the Servant

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« I want to live free, and for that, equality isn’t an ideal, but a necessity. »

The Eminence, the Revolutionary

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Randomisation in Anoldor
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Edwyn, the Knight
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