As 31st Chosen One of Anoldor, rule over your country, negotiate with gods, tame magick and forge the destiny of your people as much as your own. Having so many lives to protect and guide on this time of political chaos is a heavy burden, but you don’t have to carry it alone. You may rely on your friends and true love, as long you don’t mistake your enemies for your allies…

- Anoldor's Thirty-First Chosen One, year 1540

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Choose color skin

Two possible backstories for MC

6 romances :
5 men, 1 woman

Mature content :
sex, feminism, violence

Numerous important choices

Epilogue system
no good/bad ending

A Chosen One title related to her personality

Interactive library about the lore

« I’ll be the shadow that protects your spark... »

Edwyn, the Knight

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« Few people can see what makes them remarkable. I can. »

Elric, the Herald

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« Your smile is a weapon…. And your dagger as well, so use both. »

Alienor, the Duchess

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« Ignorance brings far more deaths than any illness... »

Fen, the Scholar

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« Every life is precious… So I won’t squish that spider, your Grace ! »

Lioren, the Servant

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« I want to live free, and for that, equality isn’t an ideal, but a necessity. »

The Eminence, the Revolutionary

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Carte Anoldor

Cutting the scope
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Side characters
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