Fen, the Scholar

« Ignorance brings far more deaths than any illness… »

Age : 32 years old
Origin : Sylvanfir
Function : Professor at the Academy, Counsellor in Elven culture
Trivia : Fen isn’t touchy person, he hates being touch, which in turn initiated a game between the Academy’s students.

Fen is from Sylvanfir where he grew up without any trouble, until he decided at the age of 15 to study elves. Despite his parents’ refusal and the danger, he ventured into Elven territory where he did his best to be accepted. Treated like a prisoner, he stayed there more than ten years, learning during this time their customs as well as their language, something that no human had accomplished since the dark ages.

Armed with this knowledge, he came back under general suspicion but that didn’t stop him from wanting to share his new expertise. After long deliberations, the Academy finally took him in as professor, where he now teaches the rare students interested in Elven matters.

Even if many of his students are here with the idea of getting to know the enemy in case of an attack, Fen hopes that his teachings will one day help the cultural barriers between the two people collapse, and bring peace. That is why he quickly assumed the role of counsellor of elven relationships at the palace when he was summoned.

« The smell of parchment and ink, rigour and seriousness more sincere than a smile. »