Elric, the Herald.

« Few people can see what makes them remarkable. I can. »

Age : 28 years old
Origin : Silverglade
Function : Herald (Diplomat and diplomatic counsellor)
Trivia : Elric plays three musical instruments: the mandolin, the violin, and the harpsichord.

Elric comes from a big and prestigious family of warriors… Except that it never was his thing. After becoming a great warrior’s page thanks to his father’s connections, and after being fired a few months after, he decided to fully concentrate himself on his passions: arts and music. Disowned by his father, Elric spent many long years wandering from castle to castle as a minstrel, conquering the courts with his charisma and his eloquence rather than with his musical talents.

As the years went by, his reputation of womanizer -even if he has courted many men- ended his days of carefree wandering, as worried fathers and husbands closed their doors.

Having acquired a taste for mysteries, Elric entered the Academy at the age of 27, surprising many with his undeniable talent, and finally obtaining the prestigious role of herald.

« A sunny smile, a melodious charm, a kaleidoscopic extravagance. »