Edwyn’s charadesign

Let’s go over, step by step, Edwyn’s creation, it was a real challenge for the sprite artist, Léa !

Hello everyone !

I’m going to show you all the stages Edwyn’s creation went through (it wasn’t an easy task!)

You can see below the very first coloured sketch of him.

Edwyn seems sure of himself-his armour is light, his head held high, but he holds his sword in a casual manner.

After a months spent away from this project, I realised that the design wasn’t all that appropriate.

Indeed, Edwyn has devoted his life to training in order to become the Chosen One’s protector. He gave up his personal life to defend another. He is very dedicated to his cause.

That is why his armour is one of the parts that was completely overhauled. People had to immediately identify his status and role.

At first, to save some time (since an armour isn’t the easiest thing to design and draw), Edwyn only had to wear a brigandine. However, his outfit wasn’t cool enough, and didn’t show his function.

That is why I then decided to add more armour plates to his outfit without making a full armour set.

To find the armour’s design, I had to make a lot of research so that it would look real. That was why the first design was flawed, I wanted it to look realistic. I had to give him realistic proportions, so that I would end up with a silhouette with more impact.

But before drawing Edwyn’s armour, I made a quick sketch of Astrid’s, who is the head general of Anoldor’s army and the Guard’s Captain. That is because her design, that had to show that she was superior to him from a hierarchical standpoint, was going to help me create Edwyn’s outfit.

[Astrid sketch]

After numerous attempts, I came up with these two versions.

[The two armor sketches]

I created the final design based on these two sketches.

[Edwyn, final sprite]

In this final illustration, we can see that the light fabric and leather armour was traded for an elegant brigandine and a gilded armour. His shoulder pads are imposing, engraved with the Chosen One’s symbol. Blue and gold, the colours of the Chosen One, show his solemn and noble side.

I really wanted him to have the appearance of a knight, one that is proud and dedicated to his cause.

Amongst all the changes, I also worked on his expression, which was a little too relaxed. As a knight, he must set his feelings and emotions aside. I gave him a firm and serious expression (he has the Chosen One’s life between his hands, he doesn’t joke about that sort of thing!) that is still somewhat soft.

The same goes for his posture, which seemed too nonchalant on the previous version; he now takes on a more serious and pose, standing straight. He wouldn’t dare to lose his composure in front of the Chosen One!

As I’ve said, designing this character wasn’t an easy task, but I learnt a lot.

That was the first time I’ve drawn a character with an armour of this sort, and being the first romanceable character in the game, I’ve put in a lot of effort!

I hope that you’ll like Edwyn!

See you soon and thanks for reading this behind-the-scenes article !