Edwyn, the Knight

« I’ll be the shadow that protects your spark… »

Age : 25 years old
Origin : Frostbank
Function : Knight (bodyguard)
Trivia : Edwyn is left-handed, he is also very good at drawing.

Edwyn is the youngest Knight in all of Anoldor’s history to have the privilege of protecting the Chosen One, and his position is greatly deserved. Taken in by a prestigious knight at a young age, he grew at the Citadel and devoted his entire existence to being a seasoned and irreproachable knight. He follows and respects to a tee his Order’s honour code that forbids any relationship with anyone, and any material possessions other than his equipment, in order to be fully concentrated under any circumstance and to not be corrupted.

Despite wanting to keep his distance, he’s someone rather kind and considerate, because he knows that keeping someone safe isn’t just about protecting them, it’s also about making them feel safe.

The death drowned in shame of his mentor Ander, who failed to protect the previous Chosen One, deeply marked him, and swore himself that would restore his late mentor’s honour through hard work.

« A sense of duty as straight as his blade, a reassuring bust, a soft yet deep gaze. »