We want to thank all the people offering us their support, by making a donation or simply by liking or commenting on social media. We’re creating this game for you, and your support means so much.

Why make a donation to Anoldor ?

Anoldor is a 100% free game, and yet, since we want the best, it costs us money. We try to do everything by ourselves, but sometime we can’t or we need software and so we pay from our pocket.

Here some example of things we already paid for :

  • The logo, designed by Re:Alice
  • The video editing of the Genesis
  • This website (hosting and url name)
  • Inkarnate, the software used for the map of the game.

Moreover, every aspect of the game is a lot of work, and we feel bad not to be able to give even a bit of pocket money to our team.

How are we going to use the money ?

Every donation will be used for :

  • Paying for new things for the game like a trailer, or some goodies… The more money we have the bigger we can think !
  • Repay us for the money we already put on the game
  • Allow every member of the team to have a bit of money.

How to make a donation ?

There is several possibily to make a donation. But the money always ends up on paypal so we always pay their fee (2%).

  1. Paypal. Since it will be there anyway, it’s the best way. We created a pool for you to participate !
  2. Kofi. It doesn’t take fees and only allow paypal but if you feel more confident with it, don’t hesitate to use Kofi (To come).
  3. Itchio. When you download the demo you can make a donation on Itchio. Please note we can’t, for the moment, get the money because of administrative issue.

Once again thanks for your support it means so much to us…