Alienor, the Duchess.

« Your smile is a weapon…. And your dagger as well, so use both. »

Age : 23 years old
Origin : Blacksand
Function : Duchess, Master of the assassins’ guild.
Trivia : She is immune to many poisons, and is a lesbian.

Alienor had a golden life at Blacksand’s palace, far away from the hassles of a population as barren as its territory. Not destined to rule, she was trained at the art of killing quite young, following Blacksand’s traditions which is home to the most famous assassins’ guild.

Her younger brother and her parents’ untimely death pushed her into a position that she neither wanted or was prepared to take. Despite that, she decided to embrace all of her responsibilities and does her best to to rule her country by surrounding herself with as little people as she can, her family’s blurry relationships turning her quite wary.

Nevertheless, her cousin, the Count Theodore of Belladuna, takes advantage of the Duchy’s difficulties to fight for the position of Duke, and the sand panther was called to the royal palace to delay an inevitable civil war, but to also revive the links between the assassins’ guild and the power. It can always be useful…

« A dagger’s subtlety, a panther’s splendour… Noble, free, and beguiling. »