Langue française...

« TSo many responsibilities... Honestly, I should've slept in a little more. »
- Thirty-first Chosen One of Anoldor, year 1540

The team

Ayael - Director, in charge of the scenario, the writing, the coding, the staging and the communication of the game

Yes, I love sharing my endless list of titles, it makes me feel like Daenerys Targaryen. But more seriously, I’m the project’s creator, and I’m mostly self-taught. Writing the story and the scenario are my strongest points, but if I’m in charge of so many things, it’s because I do my best to learn what I don’t know, and so that this project finally sees the light of day, to give life to a dream that powers mes for now more than five years. Otherwise, I’m a hardcore fan of Dragon Age.

Léa - Character and CG artist

Freelance artist, I’m a huge fan of video games, no matter the genre! Besides that, I eat way too much chocolate, spaceships are really cool, and bun-buns are super duper cute.

Julia - Background artist

Animator at studio Colorido. I live in Japan and draw manga all day. For reasons that I don’t know myself, I found myself drawing backgrounds for a French otome game.(Find her on instagram

Jiro - English translation 

Hello my dudes, it’s Jiro, your friendly neighbourhood French-English translator! I’ve been fluent in both languages since I’m could talk, and once I got a computer, a pencil and some paper in my hands, I never stopped writing and drawing. When I heard about Anoldor, I immediately loved the concept, and when I learnt that they were searching for a translator, I quickly jumped on the occasion. (Find her on her tumblr)

Thank you to Hishaton, FairfaxLeasee, Meiyre', Hiryu et Superrray for joining our team. Their introduction to come with the new version of the website.

The project origin story

It all started on a beautiful spring day, and as usual, Ayael made it clear that she didn’t want to go out and enjoy the sun, as she’d rather play the only game that was close to an otome that was available in France at the time. It was objectively bad but oh-so addictive, and that was her first step into the world of Visual Novels.

Unfortunately, this game kept on frustrating her: its commercial aspect, its bad writing, the nonsensical choices that had to be made, the dumbest heroine ever made presented as the holiest of Mary-Sues… And that’s where an idea grew in her mind, slowly: what if, instead of complaining, she tried to do better? To create a game that she would really like…

Her graphical talents consisted of crudely drawn stick figures, she called for Léa’s help, who she admired enormously for her graphic talents from a previous project, and who accepted to work on this ambitious yet vague project.

From there, the project matured for three years, going through many drafts before settling on the medieval fantasy genre, and enriching itself with the discovery of the English-speaking side of Visual Novel and Otome communities. At first, the project was supposed to be more ambitious, but to make it achievable by a small team without any funds and despite the recruiting of Julia, a second graphical designer just as talented as the first, it was cut down so that only the essential was kept; that means a strong story, romance, and true political choices.

For a year, the project itself got more detailed while each member of the team developed furthermore their talents so that the visual novel could truly be one, all while searching for the missing members of our incomplete team. After the abandonment of two coders, Ayael decided to take on that task in addition to writing, while Julia tested a new technique for the backgrounds, and Jiro, a bilingual French person with a strong talent for translating joined and completed our team. These elements forged in May 2019 a strong project that became real in just a few months with the production of our demo and the creation of a rigorous planning that we hope to stick to!