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« TSo many responsibilities... Honestly, I should've slept in a little more. »
- Thirty-first Chosen One of Anoldor, year 1540

The story


«  I have always known that I had a slim chance at being the Chosen One. But when I had awoken, when I found myself in front of Adrala, my previous incarnation, I finally understood what it all meant, to be "Chosen". To embody an ideal of divine will, a guide. To be the one that others turn to in difficult times, and in Anoldor, difficult times are a-plenty... Between the noblemen's succession wars, the turmoils caused by the eminence, the Enchanters' rising power, a troublesome unknown illness that is creeping upon us, and the endless clashes with the elves... Without my loyal counsellors, I do not know if I could have overcome all of this, but I know that I do not have much of a choice. The dawn of a new era is being foretold, and whether I want it or not, it will be drawn upon my decisions. I really should have stayed in bed a tad longer. »

- Anoldor's Thirty-First Chosen One, year 1540

To go more in-depth

31st reincarnation of the Chosen One that freed humans from slavery, you are the country’s supreme authority… Anoldor is a romance game, but we also give great importance to choices and the story itself, and wish for you to be able to immerse yourself in its universe and mold it to your liking. That is why, even if love is present, it is built upon a complex story where you’ll have to take Cornelian decisions in order to guide your nation away from the crises it goes through… Or not. There aren’t any good or bad endings in Anoldor, only the ones that you choose.
To know more on our ambitions and the game’s system, check out the features page where you’ll find all the functionalities and why they exist.

The universe

World map. © Ezdrinker, Ayael

Anoldor takes place in a medieval fantasy universe invented by us. A big part of it is unexplored but the main continent is shared into two countries: Anoldor, the humans’ country, and Tellun’min, the elves’ country. The two nations vow each other hate from days of yore, as humans were enslaved by elves who abused of their magicks to impose their supremacy upon them for centuries.
Everything changed when, according to the legend, Oriel, the god of life, was enamoured with a human whom he made his Chosen One, giving her the power to annihilate magick… And to reincarnate herself. After a bloody war, Evelyn the Luminous went to the borders of the continent to establish a land where humans would be free. Her successors slowly extended their territory, until it became vast… And it grazed once more elvish territory, rekindling their fiery hatred.
For centuries, the two nations live in hidden conflict, multiplying their misdemeanours, without officially declaring war; it would mean bloodshed throughout the entire continent. But today, maybe things will change under your rule, as the queen of elves has grown weary of these childish tensions and has decided to take a step forward to put an end to a new unknown disease that wreaks havoc across the land: Lazuriosis. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll approach this peace offering.

Oriel and Morgana creating the world © Sieskja.


Although the game focuses on two locations: the human capital Eldor, and the elvish capital, we built an entire universe that is mentioned numerous times. It absolutely isn’t necessary to read all these notes- everything that you need to know will be explained to you in-game, but for those of you who want to immerse yourselves more, we can provide you with a library!

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