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« TSo many responsibilities... Honestly, I should've slept in a little more. »
- Thirty-first Chosen One of Anoldor, year 1540

Release page

You'll find on this page all of the game's downloadable content: demos, individual routes, updates, etc... and of course, the final game when it'll be launched!
You can check the game's development progress to know the launch dates and to check on major updates, otherwise, for more regular content, don't hesitate to follow us on social media!

Short demo

Note: this demo is only a little peek at what we've done, the estimated game time is about half an hour and it only allows you to meet one of the romanceable characters, Lioren. A longer demo will be available the next day, as this one allows us to showcase what we're able of doing: art, coding, writing, details...
We hope that you will all like it and please know that all reviews (both positive and negative) are appreciated, whether they are sent to us through our Tumblr, our Twitter, or through our email!