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« TSo many responsibilities... Honestly, I should've slept in a little more. »
- Thirty-first Chosen One of Anoldor, year 1540

Features and gameplay

- Choose your heroine’s name

It’s always nice to be able to choose your own name. Moreover, we also plan on adding small Easter eggs depending on your chosen name (for instance, if there’s a number in it), help us choose which on giving us suggestions on our social media!

-Three possible backgrounds

Although they aren’t crucial, these backgrounds add small details all throughout the story and allow a bigger replay factor! The three possible backgrounds are noble (daughter of Gildland's duc), orphan, from a large family.

- 6 possible romances (GxB, GxG)

The story is based on a number of key events during your rule; how you’ll manage tensions with the enchanters, the elves, the masses, but each route will offer an original story in addition to different romance scenes.
> 250 000 word estimated for the overall game. (2 commons chapter + 4 chapter and 1 big epilogue per route).
> You can romance 5 men and one woman.

- Mature content and tone

Each romance (except for one, as the concerned character is asexual), will have at least one erotic scene with a sensual CG (you’ll always have to ability to turn on/off this content in settings).
Furthermore, the game will address various complicated themes (torture, death, having kids, etc…) all while keeping a neutral tone, without denying our convictions. (But well, we all like to act like a dick with an NPC from time to time, because it's a game and we all know it !)

- Many choices

For us, choices are a crucial part in a VN, as they allow us to go past the stage of a simple illustrated story, and allow a bigger replay factor. That is why we are committed to offering at least 5 choices per chapter (sometimes much more) while keeping in mind three goals:
1) Give the heroine more character
2) Progress the ongoing romance
3) Shape the world around you
If all these choices don’t have consequences and that sometimes we are unable to oversee all the consequences of a choice, we promise that there aren’t any "false" choices (meaning that you’ll always have something to base your choices on without having you choose at random).

- A myriad of combinations for a unique ending

You’ve understood it by now, choices are a key part of our approach, which is why we needed an epilogue that puts forwards your choices, and that offers a suitable ending. There are about 10 factors that are considered for the ending, depending on a number of combined choices, with 3 to 5 possibilities. We’ll let you do the maths.
During the game, you can find something that we like to call “stupid endings”; choices (that are more than often obvious) that bring the adventure to an early end, on a humorous note.

- The title of Chosen one, depending on your choices

Once more choices are in the spotlight. Your decisions all throughout the game will bring you points depending on your course of action; your two highest scores will determine your final title amongst 10 possibilities.

- 20+ CG

The game is planning on having 3 CG per romance (including a sensual one), and a few CG linked to the main plot. We love CG but creating them takes a lot of time and it was painfully difficult to choose the scenes that would be kept.

- Library

A library will be available in addition to the game, allowing you to go through the full lore that is brushed upon in-game. Especially through the Chosen One’s constellation that will allow you to get to know more on your previous incarnations, and the map that will show you the current politics and geography. There will also be a fully told and illustrated legend that will retrace the world’s origins.

- Bonus

The final version of the game will contain a gallery, a success system, and maybe a replay system. Suggest us more bonuses through our tumblr, our twitter, or by sending us an email ! !